Rusmet Group is pleased to announce and invite you to the

4 th International conference

“Galvanized & Coated Steel 2009”

January 29-30, 2009, Miass, Chelyabinsky region, Turgoyak complex

 Mission of  the Conference

·                       The analysis of the current situation in the Russian and World galvanized steel markets; production and consumption of galvanized and coated steel products.

·                       This is a unique opportunity for the conference participants to establish new business contacts with scientific, project, and commercial companies and to exchange experience.

·                        To provide our participants with up-to-date and objective market analytical research.

 The conference program includes:

·                       Structure and dynamics of changes in the volume of production of coated flat products.

·                       New capacities in Russia and Ukraine.

·                       Cooperation with Europe.

·                       Equipment for sheet metal products coating, processing machines and equipment. New generation of rust-proof coatings increasing strength and high processability. Modern materials, equipment, and technologies. Service metal centers.

·                       Zink-coated flat products, products of galvanized steel, trends and prospects.

·                       Russian and World markets of galvanized flat products. Architectural roof covering – metal tile – the absolute leader among metal roofing. Comparative price and quality analysis of foreign and domestic producers, seasonal fluctuations. Peculiarities of the market.

·                       Who is going to be a new leader in domestic market? Rating of Russian and foreign suppliers. Galvanized steels suppliers from India, China, and Europe.

·                       Demand for flat products with polymer coating on the part of constructing industry. Relation of demand to the color of polymer coating.

·                       Modern production technologies as a guarantee of quality. Shaping machines. Profile bending machines for production of corrugated boarding and metal tiles, production of structural shapes.

·                      New trends and strateges in world economic crises situation




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